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Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder and Screen Broadcast- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly does ScreenPlay do?
Q. What can ScreenPlay do for me?
Q. Can ScreenPlay record audio?
Q.  Can I record audio from any input line?
Q. Why is the recommended system specification so high?
Q. What is the highest screen resolution supported?
Q. Why would anyone capture at low quality?
Q. Can I broadcast video over the internet?
Q. The streaming URL does not work on the my host machine. Why?
Q. When I stop recording, it takes a long time to actually stop. Is that a bug?
Q. I find the "early finish" feature very useful. But why its state not saved?
Q. I am trying to record streaming video off the screen. ScreenPlay records the video, but the entire video is just black and blank. What is going on?
Q. I have setup ScreenPlay for streaming. However, the party at the other end is unable to connect to the URL provided by ScreenPlay. How can I resolve this?

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