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Record Streaming Video with Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder


Streaming Video

Usually, streaming video is not available in file form, and so you can not archive it.

With Huelix ScreenPlay, all you have to do is to play the video in your favorite player and record the region around the playing area.

Please remember that ScreenPlay (or any other screen capture program) is not suitable for capturing very high quality video off the screen.

For best results, capture at the best quality setting available and to play the video in its original size.

Capturing Sound with Video

ScreenPlay can, of course, record audio along with the video. If the streaming video has a sound track, you will need to capture from audio from the speakers. This is easily achieved by setting the recording input of your sound hardware to Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Sum, Wave, etc depending on your specific hardware.

See help file for more details.

Common Issues in Recording Streaming Video

Usually, due to specific display hardware related optimizations employed by players, ScreenPlay might record black, blank videos. This is not a limitation of ScreenPlay itself, but rather a manifestation of optimization techniques.

The solution is to manually turn off hardware acceleration from the Display control panel applet. This is accessible as follows:

Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - Troubleshooting and moving the Hardware acceleration slider all the way to the left (None). Once you have finished recording, please remember to set it back to its old position.

If your player is the Windows Media Player (9 or higher), it has an option to do this from the player itself. See Options - Performance tab for details.


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