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Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Video Capture and Broadcast - Some Screen Shots

The best way to get a peek at the ScreenPlay screen video capture interface is by viewing a ScreenPlay of itself. However, for those of you who still haven't converted, here are some static screen shots.

Select an application window for screen video capture

Visually select a window for capture, record, and/or broadcast. Click image to enlarge.

Select a region for screen capture

Easily mark a region for screen video capture, record and/or broadcast. Click image to enlarge.

Select Output Target Modes for Screen Video Capture

Save recorded screen video capture to a file, broadcast in real time or do both! Click image to enlarge.

Configure Video Broadcast/Live Product Demo/Live Webcast

Broadcast screen video activity with a single click - as easy as it gets! Click image to enlarge.

Select Desired Screen Capture Quality

Control screen video capture quality to suit you specific needs. Click image to enlarge.

Set Global Preferences for the Screen Recorder

Persist frequently configured options, enable automatic update notifications, add screen video information, and more. Click image to enlarge.

Controlling Screen Video Capture

Start, pause, and stop capture completely from the system notification area (tray), using mouse or keyboard.

Start and stop capture from the tray context menu or using hot keys (Ctrl+Shift+S).

Pause and resume capture from the tray context menu or using hot keys (Ctrl+Shift+P).

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