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Live Webcasts and Product  Demonstrations with Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder


Live Webcast with Huelix ScreenPlay

It is trivial to setup a live webcast of your screen activity with Huelix ScreenPlay. What is more, you can archive the content to a file at the same time.

The party at the other end only requires Windows Media Player (WMP) 9.0 or higher to view the webcast or demo. You can even speak into a microphone to add narration to the webcast or  product demo.

Live Streaming Requirements

You need a PC connected to the Internet and accessible from the Internet, so the recipient can connect to the presentation.

 If you are behind a firewall, you will need to implement some sort of port forwarding/tunneling on your router to direct the network traffic to your ScreenPlay host machine. Typically, you open a port on the router specifically for ScreenPlay streaming and forward it to your host machine port.

Consult your router manual to find out how this may be setup or enlist the help of your system administrator.

Unicast, Broadcast, and Bandwidth Requirements

ScreenPlay actually performs unicast streaming. This means that the full bandwidth is consumed by each client connected to the ScreenPlay server machine.

However, if you have a Windows Media Server (version 9.0) running on a Windows 2010/2003 server, it can accept ScreenPlay stream as an input and deliver true broadcast streaming.

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